Biography Meet Dr.Carlos Montoya Sr.

Carlos Montoya Sr., M.D. earned his medical degree from the University of El Salvador. He continued his ophthalmology training at the University of Mexico. He practiced in El Salvador and served as University Professor for nine years, but due to political unrest he relocated to the United States. In California he was accepted to the prestigious University of San Francisco where he served his fellowship in Neuro-Ophthalmology. In 1985 he founded St. Lucia Eye Center in Huntington Park, and it is here, that he made it his priority to provide the best available eye care in the Los Angeles area.

Dr. Montoya Sr. is highly involved in the community and has served as president of the Salvadorean Medical Association (SAMS). He is also an international lecturer and has traveled to Central America to present at various medical conferences. He has trained numerous doctors; among them is the personal training of his son, Dr. Montoya Jr., in the art of surgical ophthalmology.

Dr. Montoya Sr. travels frequently to his native country, El Salvador, to provide “pro-bono” work for communities suffering with common and complicated eye diseases.

Dr. Montoya Sr. together with his son believe that their experience and honesty are the best services that they can provide to their patients.


Ask Dr.Carlos Montoya Sr.

Why did you become an ophthalmologist?

“My father definitely sparked my interest in ophthalmology. At an early age, I remember watching him operate. He received such great satisfaction and joy in ophthalmology. That is when I realized I wanted to pursue this career.”

What in ophthalmology inspires your passion?

"I find great passion in the surgical portion of ophthalmology because the results are so immediate. The day after surgery, I am like a child waiting to open his presents."

Why should I choose you to be my eye doctor?

"The reason I believe why patients should feel comfortable here is because I have done such a high volume of surgery which has provided me with vast experiences. Besides my experience, I always promise to give my patients an honest evaluation."

What makes your practice different from the rest?

"Our courteous and friendly staff is definitely what sets us apart from the rest. They are knowledgeable and go the extra step for each and every patient. They have been trained to take the patient through each and every step before and after surgery."