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Carlos Montoya Jr., M.D.

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Margaret Valdez, RN, Clinical Director

“My name is Margaret Valdez, RN, Clinical Director of Med Laser Surgical Center, where Dr. Montoya Jr. performs his surgeries. I have always had large bags under my eyes and prematurely developed droopy eye lids. People would frequently ask me: Are you OK? Are you sick? Are you tired? Do you have a headache? I felt very self conscious and unattractive”. “Having my surgery was the easiest and best thing I could have done for myself. After the healing process not even my mother noticed. I wish I would have done the surgery years earlier.”



Sharon M. Morales, RN

“I have known and worked with Dr. Carlos Montoya Jr. for almost 3 years and I have found him to be an excellent surgeon and compassionate towards his patients. In September 2007, he inserted Restor Lenses in both of my eyes and a miracle occurred. I went from legally blind to 20/20 vision. I was also having problems with droopy eye lids which obscured my vision. In December 2007 and January 2008 Dr. Montoya Jr. did a bilateral upper and lower blepharoplasty surgery so that now I truly have perfect vision.”
“God has blessed Dr. Montoya’s hands and in turn Dr. Montoya has given me back my life.”

“I am very happy with my Crystal lens implant. My vision has incredibly improved! I am definitely ready to have my left eye operated. I have already recommended the surgery to my friends. My overall experience at St. Lucia Eye Center was great. The staff and Drs. Montoya were very friendly and experienced.” – Jesus Cruz

“I had cataract surgery at St. Lucia Eye Center with Dr. Montoya Jr. He explained all the benefits of getting the surgery and I am so happy with the results. My vision improved just like Dr. Montoya Jr. said it would…”- Jose Rodriguez

“After my cataract surgery my vision was excellent…I would definitely have this procedure done again if necessary. The office staff was very friendly and caring. I am very thankful to Dr. Montoya Jr. for the excellent job he has done for me.” – Maria Garcia

“…I am indebted to Dr. Montoya for helping me make an informed decision about my medical procedure. I was very hesitant about undergoing my medical procedure but Dr. Montoya took the time to explain the procedure at length and made me feel very comfortable every step of the way….Dr. Montoya and his staff all spoke to me in Spanish and answered all my questions. I am extremely happy with the outcome and I thank Dr. Montoya again for all his care.” – Augustin Rivera

“I can’t believe how amazing it is to see without glasses! I am so happy that I had my Lasik surgery with Dr. Montoya Jr.” – Julissa Otero

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